1 18.25 oz package German chocolate cake mix (or any flavor you want)

1 oz can sweetened condensed milk

1 cup hot fudge topping

1 cup caramel topping

1 12 oz container frozen whipped topping, thawed

4  chocolate bars (I use Skors, but have also tried Heath bars and Reese's Cups on it and they work very well too!)

-Bake German chocolate cake mix according to package directions. While cake is still very warm poke holes in top of cake with the end of a wooden spoon and poor sweetened condensed milk over, covering the top. Let cake cool approximately 1 hour

-Pour hot fudge topping and caramel topping over top of cake and let set approximately 10 minutes. Spread on whipped topping.

-Garnish with crushed chocolate bars and lightly drizzle with hot fudge topping and caramel topping.
Can be served immediately or for a SUPER AWESOME taste, chill for approximately 1 hour and then serve.


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