Okay so gay marriage has been legalized all over the country and in Kentucky a county clerk has decided that it’s against her religious beliefs (I believe she's been divorced multiple times, lol) to issue a marriage license to a gay couple that has applied for one. This is really, really simple to figure out ya’ll: do NOT apply for a job that may require you to perform tasks you are not comfortable performing. Sure, gay marriage recently became a thing but the minute it was approved she should have stepped down and started working anywhere else but issuing marriage licenses. Why is this so hard to figure the fuck out? If I’m against people drinking beer instead of spending that money on their kids, I won’t take a fucking job at a liquor store. If I hate being around bratty-ass kids that ain’t mine, I don’t become a teacher. If I don’t wanna be around blood and puke all the time, I don’t study to be a nurse. If ya don’t want to do what the job entails, do not fucking work there. I normally don't comment about shit like this but come the fuck on people, since when can you be like, "No I don't wanna", when at work?

This is not up for debate. I’m right, you’re wrong, next blog!



08/14/2015 9:01am

If the bitch has been through divorce (& more than 1) her whole point is bullshit. Stick to the script. If you're going to deny someone something based on belief at least make me believe that you believe in it.


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06/04/2016 1:58am

I am sure that whatever you had talked about in this blog can’t be changed that easily but still I have no objections on such things because it is right of every person in the world to make his own decisions.


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12/19/2016 8:55am

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