Marcy Borders, pictured below, passed away on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 after a year-long battle with stomach cancer. On September 11, 2001 I sat on my couch and watched what started as a plane crash quickly turn in to much more than that. I watched the second plane hit the World Trade Center live on TV. All day long I watched in horror as America came under attack and I feared what would happen next, along with the rest of the US. The next day I saw this photo in the newspaper and I hung it on my living room wall where it would remain for over 3 years when we moved to another house. I left it there to remind myself of how quickly things can change and how an ordinary day can flip and forever change the way we live our lives day-to-day. Marcy Borders, my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends today. I will never forget you. Rest In Paradise.  #NeverForget


04/15/2016 3:35am

If we enjoy what we are doing, time seems to move faster and the day goes by quickly. Sometimes we don't even notice.

05/22/2016 2:32am

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