Lambert’s Café opened in Sikeston, Missouri on March 13, 1942 and has been a staple of Southeast Missouri ever since. We used to visit Lambert’s Café every year around July 4th when we would make our way to Boomland in Charleston, Missouri to buy fireworks. Lambert’s is known for their great food and atmosphere but their most popular attraction is the ever-popular throwed rolls.  They’re actually known as Lambert’s, Home of the Throwed Rolls. It’s not at all a secret than when you go in to have a meal here that you will be witness to rolls-their delicious, fluffy and warm rolls-being tossed through the air to hungry and happy customers. This is what you come for.

        The history behind the throwed roll is that one day during a lunch rush Norman Lambert was walking around passing out rolls when a customer that preferred not to wait yelled out, “Throw it to me!” and Norman did, and it stuck.

        So imagine my, and quite frankly everyone’s, surprise when this year in August of 2015 a woman from Saint Louis, Missouri decided to sue Lambert’s Café after being hit in the face by a roll that was thrown. Okay crazy lady......

        I’m sure this woman was hit in the face. I’m sure it hurt and I’m sure she was embarrassed. However I’m not sure it’s worth a $25,000 lawsuit. Her lawsuit is without a doubt going to lead to one thing happening from here on out at Lambert's Cafe: no more throwed anything. Thanks a lot, random St. Louis woman. You’re ruining the fun for all of us! And we do not thank you!

        The reason I even go to Lambert’s Café is to catch me a dinner roll. Part of the fun is seeing if I’ll actually connect with my hand, or sometimes with my face. Both of my children have been struck by a roll mid-air. They were both under the age of 7 when this happened. Did they whine and cry about it? Hell no! I know this woman is claiming some major injuries but I just do not believe it was purely the result of a tossed roll. No way, no how.

        Please Lambert’s, I’m begging you, please THROW THE ROLL when I come by nextyear! It’s totally okay if you hit me, I’ll sign any paperwork you want me to!

        What do you think? Does this woman deserve compensation? Should Lambert’s continue to throw their rolls? Would you return to eat here if they don’t?



Charlene Lockard
08/15/2015 10:12pm

You tell them girl!

08/15/2015 11:18pm

Yeah what she said

08/15/2015 11:18pm

Thanks Mama <3 I will be the saddest person in Massac County if this woman takes away my right to be thrown a roll at Lambert's!

08/15/2015 11:20pm

CK one of the best times ever there is watching someone get smacked with one! It's're gonna be fine. :)

Jay S
08/16/2015 8:30am

Awesome! You used my meme!

08/16/2015 10:30am

Sad that some people are always looking for a reason to complain about something or sue someone. She prolly already had the problem and looking for someone to pay for her surgery.

08/16/2015 10:34am

Jay did you make it? I love it way much! Yes, one rude person can ruin the fun for everyone. All of these years doing this and now it's gonna be gone. Noooooo!!!!!!

08/16/2015 11:34am

KEEP ON THROWING THE ROLLS. That is what makes Lamberts great! I bet that woman has lawsuits against other places, too.

08/16/2015 6:44pm

She's a dumb bitch. People are hard up to get money from anyway possible so they wanna sue over a roll? I can't count how many times I was hit in the face with a delicious buttery roll and you know what? I picked that bitch up and I ate the shit out of it! So she's a dumb hoe and I hope they drop her case!

08/17/2015 8:51am

I am not going to lie... I will make Pete catch it for me or if I'm with the Jasons, they will catch it... I am not going to pretend I'm a catcher for the St Louis Cardinals... If she thought she couldn't catch, I'm sure she wasn't eating there alone... She could have asked them to do it... Usually when I am there, the kids are spot on on their throws, If the rolls it her hand before hitting her face, she shouldn't have a case, but what do I know? But gee... Their website name is I mean, come on?!

08/17/2015 11:29am

How do we know that she didn't try to catch it with her eye? I smell a set-up!

08/17/2015 11:31am

Thoughts to ponder!

08/17/2015 2:39pm

The St. Louis woman is looking to try and get a fast buck. Where in the world did she find an Attorney to even take such a case. I guarantee you she will lose this case. Every knows when you go in there that is what they do. If you are a whis don't go in. LAMBERT'S PLEASE DO NOT STOP THROWING THOSE ROLLS!!!!!

08/17/2015 5:44pm

They don't throw the DAMN roll UNLESS you hold up your hand.... If you miss the catch , thats your own damn fault !!!!!! (((( THROW ME A ROLLS )))) Where do you think the name (( Home of The Throwed Rolls )) came from ???? This woman is a GOLD DIGGER !!!!!!

08/18/2015 12:21pm

I travelled back to Lambert"s by RV from Phoenix, AZ just to experience their great food and throwed rolls. The lady deserves a take,-out meal at best and to be banned from ever coming back to Lambert's...

Wanda And Dr G
08/18/2015 2:25pm

please keep on THROWING those delicious ROOL'S. I love them we buy them by the dozen to give away

08/19/2015 4:46pm

One of the first places I went after moving to Sikeston, Missouri was to Lambert's Restaurant....just so my late husband, Kenneth Caudle, could take me to the place he had bragged about from the first day I met him! Lambert's Throwed Rolls are awesome, especially with some sorghum spread on them! When returning to Sikeston to visit family a few years ago my kids insisted we eat at "the home of the throwed roll"! I can't imagine not getting a throwed roll from Norm's Lambert's Cafe ever again! Praying the jury see's this woman for the money grubbing gold digger she is!

08/19/2015 5:22pm

she went for the thrower rolls. We understand she's a professional suer. So I doubt she will get anywhere. Getting hit w a soft warm buttery roll did not hurt her. Plus she went to eat those rolls. Not throwing rolls in my town???? Oh yes we will !!!!!!

08/20/2015 8:06am

For goodness sake the signs are self-explanatory!!!!
Throwed=flying through space propelled by an outside force ( usually a teen aged boy working for college money).
Rolls= Warm, SOFT, delicious baked goods often referred to as bread.
This woman is a fraud, an illiterate ( obviously cannot read) money grubbing gold digger who thinks she has found a way to quick cash.
I, for one, will pay more for my food there in order to see this "person" put in her place and burdened with huge legal fees. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND WHATS RIGHT!!!!! Please.

08/20/2015 8:26am

Hey... since it's "all you can eat!" Sure, I'd pay more if they fought that birch!!

08/20/2015 11:17am

She sounds money hungry...

08/22/2015 3:26pm

My Gosh if you stop throwing those rolls the next time it will be something else. The rolls are much better when they come air mail. I love The Home of the Throwed Rolls. Please don't let her win. I don't like her and I don't know her. But when someone tries to hurt someone I truly like I don't like them and will fight for the ones I do like..

05/24/2017 6:40am

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